Planning and Finances for 2017

Posted on January 25, 2017
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Planning and Finances for your Care Home

Once again, we all find ourselves preparing for the challenges of a New Year ahead.  Planning with confidence isn’t easy, with a wrong decision potentially costly and usually time consuming.  There are many ways that sound advice on Commercial Mortgages can help you plan your business strategies:

  1. With rising inflation, explore options on fixed rates and other interest rate products, there are many different, flexible, options available. For example: fix only a portion of a mortgage, the remainder variable; secure a fixed rate agreed for a future period, after an initial variable rate. 
  2. Plan how you can develop your business with the assurance of current options available - refurbish, extend, maximise acquisition opportunities, consolidate debt, improve cashflow. 
  3. Maintain the status quo – ensure all the terms in facility documentation are understood; shorter term facilities seem to come round for renewal quickly but often terms from lenders have changed.  Get advice early to avoid being cornered.
  4. Maximise expertise – knowing you are talking to keen contacts can make a considerable difference to achieving a timely delivery of an advantageous solution. Exclusive options are only available via specialist introducers from a number of lenders.  
Chandler & Co. have been instructed on over £3bn of commercial loans since 1995, providing our clients with straightforward, honest, impartial advice and ensuring their business finances have our best attention to support their competitive advantage.  For 100% confidential, no obligation, approachable advice, please contact us.